Low emission freight solutions

Decarbonising your supply chains

At NORDEN, we see it as our responsibility to take part in moving this transition forward, have ambitious aspirations of developing the sustainable solutions of the future and work proactively towards getting our industry to net zero.

Our dedicated team of decarbonisation specialists are working on continuously improving and developing our low emission freight solutions, so that we can offer our customers the best possible solutions to decarbonise their supply chains.

Our low emission freight solutions:

Low emission freight contracts

COA with an emission reduction target.

Carbon insetting

Allows for clients to take advantage of emission reductions from biofuels even when they are not physically available.

Low emission vessels

Design and operation of low and alternative fueled vessels.

Pre & post voyage emissions reporting

Providing emission transparency to customers based on high-quality data. An API solution is also available.

Emission consultancy

Mapping your emissions and creating a baseline for your targets.


Offering freight service using low-carbon fuels, saving up to 90% emissions.

NORDEN's carbon insetting solution

Today, the supply and availability of low carbon fuels for the shipping sector is limited, furthermore their cost generally precludes their wider use within the industry. This creates obstacles to clients interested in using low carbon fuels, such as biofuels, in their supply chain. To solve this problem NORDEN has worked together with trusted industry partners to develop a robust carbon insetting program, based on a Book and Claim chain of custody.

Our carbon insetting program is based on a framework developed by the Smart Freight Centre, a leading non-profit focused on developing standards and practices to facilitate the decarbonisation of the transportation sector. Using this methodology, NORDEN is able to transfer the environmental attributes (emission reductions) of biofuels used in our operations to our clients with a high degree of transparency and assurance. Our standard assurance protocol ensures that each intervention is individually audited by a certified third-party verifier.

When a client purchases insets from NORDEN they will see exactly what type of fuel was used to create the emissions reductions including baseline fuel calculations, bunkering date, bunkering location, etc. This level of assurance and transparency ensures that each inset has been individually audited which provides industry leading accuracy and transparency such that a client knows exactly what is behind their purchase.

Today, with the low carbon fuels available in the market, NORDEN can offer up to 90% emissions reduction on a well to wake basis. This means our clients can take meaningful action in their supply chain today, while laying the foundation for the further development of low carbon fuels by sending strong demand signals to the energy producers.

Working with trusted partners to offer high quality carbon insets


Our approach is in line with the Smart Freight Center framework "Voluntary Market Based Measures Framework for Logistics Emissions Account and Reporting", which sets guidelines for the application of Book & Claim chain of custody systems across modes of transportation.

In early 2023, NORDEN took part in an official Smart Freight Centre pilot to validate the methodology.


Every carbon inset issued is individually audited by an independent and recognised verifier.

Our verifier, Verifavia, provides assurance on the data and calculations as well as on our mitigation actions against risks of double counting, claiming and free riding.


We offer the possibility to deliver carbon insets through 123Carbon, an independent registry providing full transparency and guaranteeing complete ownership of the carbon insets.

Insets can also be delivered through other channels based on your preference.

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