We Enable Smarter Global Trade

NORDEN is a global provider of ocean-based freight services for bulk and project cargo of all sizes. We integrate freight solutions with port logistics helping our customers to optimise and decarbonise supply chains. We provide tailored solutions based on flexibility, reliability and intelligence. ​

Our agile business model ensures stability by continuously adapting our fleet ​to market developments and customer needs.

Founded in 1871, NORDEN is one of Denmark’s oldest internationally operating shipping companies. Incorporated in Denmark, we are listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen as a part of the OMX Nordic Large Cap index.

With 15 offices across 6 continents, NORDEN is a truly integrated part of global trade.
Operated vessels
Operated vessels

Trust powered by intelligence

By understanding early on that our equity is our people, we have learned to synergise, optimise and leverage the many forms of intelligence – both in our heads and in our hands – that ultimately define us. From the intuitive to the analytical, from the emotional to the rational, from mining the depth of data we have accumulated, to nurturing the long-term relationships we have built, from sea craft to business sense, we make sure that our intelligence continues to fuel a sustainable business. Intelligence is what brings us together, helps us collaborate and keeps us informed. It enables us to act with the autonomy, agility and speed needed to make the right decisions for our customers, employees, shareholders and the environment. Our intelligence defines us, distinguishes us and reminds us to always do the right thing, even when no one is looking.


As an innovator in the industry with a long history of experience in global trade, we are committed to take shipping to a place where it can be more efficient, effective, sustainable and ethical.

Smarter global trade

Global trade enables economic growth and development throughout the world. As a team, we work together to find efficient and agile solutions for the long-term benefit of our partners and NORDEN, thereby raising standards for global trade. We are curious people with the courage to let new ideas grow. We relish challenging the status quo and push ourselves and others to evolve and improve constantly.

Conscious, soulful people

To us, being soulful means being present, curious, having trust in people and nurturing personal relationships. We are always conscious of new opportunities where we can make a difference – positively engaging the people around us to move towards our goal of enabling smarter global trade. We know our actions as individuals and as a company will impact our surroundings, and that personal indifference is a waste of potential. We have the courage to do the right thing, even when no-one is looking and by doing so, we shift our focus from our egos to the common good.


Global trade is crucial to the planet’s economic development and so involves building relationships with people all over the world. At NORDEN, we unite the industry through partnerships built on trust and respect. We foster passionate and trustful communities by being authentic, present and ambitious. Rather than simply maximising our profits, we prefer to constantly seek ways in which our overall contribution can be a benefit to everyone.

Every person and action matters

We are genuinely interested in what drives and gives meaning to each and every person in the NORDEN family and believe that the sum of our achievements relies on each individual contribution. We embrace diversity and understand that everyone plays an important part in the company. We acknowledge that everyone is capable of making a difference, and so we see it as our obligation to mobilise human potential in the search for results. We are all in this together and so we depend on one another.

Our values


In the volatile world of global trade, we always need to be ready to adapt to changing times. When geopolitical events happen, commodity prices fluctuate, or supply chains are challenged our business feels the impact, and flexibility is key to doing business


The ambition to find a better way is what drives us in NORDEN. Whether through embracing new technologies, decarbonising shipping, or finding new ways to solve the supply chain challenges of our customers – we are always aiming higher


The trust of our customers has been built on 150-years of reliable service. By striving to do the right thing – even when no one is looking – we demonstrate that honesty, integrity and reliability is the only way to behave in the world of global trade


Our business is built on relationships. We aim to understand the needs and motivations of our own people and those we work with. By respecting diversity in people and opinions, we’re building a team where every colleague, client and partner can thrive